Alex grew up with two very musically minded parents, leading to fond memories of climbing on sofas, running round the living room and singing very off key to the lyrics of various artists.

For Alex, the challenge is always in the analysis, trying to breakdown and highlight the features of music that really make one love or loath what they are listening too. There shouldn’t be a recipe but there should be knowledge of the ingredients…

For Alex it’s all about understanding what his friends love and what music he hasn’t been exposed to yet. This being said the focus is on quality of review as well as quantity, leading to a rather annoying habit of bringing up the fact that he, as well as several million other people, writes for a blog.

Vocally trained for 6 years as a cathedral chorister, he made all the natural progressions a young musician often makes… Straight into a different field; he is now studying for a PhD in physics.



Esme has been listening to music since before she could talk. In her house, everything from Billie Holiday to Billy Idol was available, but she eventually settled her tastes on melodic, vocals-driven rock, in the vein of U2, Feeder, James and Prince.

As well as an avid listener, she’s a performer, too. While not proficient in musical theory, Esme approaches music the same way she approaches English Literature, her main background: it’s a product of a time, a place and a person, like an artefact. This experiment is an exciting one for her, as she gets to sample and explore lots of different genres and ideas, and she hopes to expand her musical knowledge as far as she can!

Esme is a novelist who is used to her writing being precise and direct, so this is a challenge in more ways than one.


LE martini 1

Contact: Lordeelsmusic@gmail.com

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