Doctor Who Reviews

I am someone who likes writing and I’ve enjoyed my album reviews. Oh they aren’t stopping but I find myself equally wanting to review something else. I’m promising nothing but having multiple subjects is stimulating. As I’ve wanted to rewatch the classic series for some time – I will – and I’ll review when I watch them and that includes the missing episodes. I’m going to give it a go – see how it goes. Links will be below:

1 – William Hartnell

Season 1

  1. An Unearthly Child
  2. The Daleks
  3. The Edge of Destruction
  4. Marco Polo
  5. The Keys of Marinus
  6. The Aztecs
  7. The Sensorites
  8. The Reign of Terror

    Season 2

  9. Planet of the Giants
  10. Dalek Invasion of Earth
  11. The Rescue
  12. The Romans
  13. The Web Planet
  14. The Crusade
  15. The Space Museum
  16. The Chase
  17. The Time Meddler

    Season 3

  18. Galaxy 4
  19. Mission To The Unknown
  20. The Myth Makers
  21. The Daleks’ Master Plan
  22. The Massacre
  23. The Ark
  24. The Celestial Toymaker
  25. The Gunfighters
  26. The Savages
  27. The War Machines