Doctor Who — Galaxy 4


Season 3 – Episode 1 – (1965)
Doctor: 1 – William Hartnell
Companions: Vicki, 

Galaxy 4 is an interesting one. Verity Lambert is leaving and she’s just had time to make one or two suggestions and one was for the Drahvins, the enemy of this story. They are a race of blonde female warriors who have basically assigned men to a purely breeding role. Sound familiar? Of course it does, because it’s a trope, albeit a mild one – may I add, and I must give full credit to the wonderful Diamanda Hagan: If you’re in doubt with sci-fi, Doctor Who usually did it first and we’ll get to that; I will reference Diamanda because she knows.

Another sad point is the fact that the Drahvin’s are mentioned in the modern series as one of the species trying to claim stone henge with Matt Smith and once again Diamanda is right. It would have cost nothing to show them and they would have been lovely to see.

To the plot!… They land on a planet and immediately a robot begins investigating the TARDIS – Vicki names the robot a “chumbley” because of the way they move. The planet is going to be destoyed and it’s a battle between the two races we see – The all-powerful model women (Drahvins) and the hideous Rills… Oh just … just guess what the twist is…

Steven is kept as collateral while the Doctor and Vicki go to investigate the Rill ship on the order of the Drahvins – The Rill. Anyway it turns out that as the planet is going to be destroyed and the Rill’s have offered the Drahvins a way off the planet that they have refused. We might as well all die in war. The moral is (of course) don’t judge a book by its cover as the Rill’s are our noble people but let’s not disparage this story too much; these twists kept the 60’s living room gripped.

Tangent time – we’re in season 3 – and that’s a problem for me because the next three series are the most junked in the archive – my work becomes problematic by just the fact that I have to watch TV stills for a long time. A complete serial is a joy. This is not one of them but season 3 reflects another point. Verity Lambert is leaving and it’s time to hand over to the stuffy old fashioned producers that make season 3 a real hit and miss. This one’s fine but don’t expect me to enjoy a lot of what of what’s coming.

The crew escape, obviously, and rescue the Rill’s in process. The Rills and the Doctor conspire to escape, which they do and good is saved. Then we get a preview of next time…

Favourite Quotes:

  • Steven: Okay, but we’ve got to get off here somehow!
    The Doctor: It’s imperative that we leave at once.
    Steven: Why is that that? The Drahvins did say fourteen dawns.
    The Doctor: Two dawns! Tomorrow is the last day this planet will ever see.


6/10 (not great but an OK one-off)

Next time:
It’s a prequel episode and in modern times this would be relegated to a YouTube clip. There’s no Doctor, no companions and no TARDIS. Anything Doctor Who based? Well…. Just the Daleks… for the last time with Hartnell… … … ish…

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