Doctor Who — The Space Museum


Season 2 – Episode 7 – (1965)
Doctor: 1 – William Hartnell
Companions: Ian, Barbara, Vicki

Time for a new concept! At the end of the previous story, the gang freeze in place. Then their crusade clothes are gone. The Doctor waffles this away but something isn’t right. A smashed glass reforms and this unsettles Vicki but the Doctor is sure that all will be explained on exploring the planet. They reach a large building and try to remain inconspicuous and this proves to be easy – no one can see or hear them – a mystery!

Well it turns out they can’t touch anything in the museum and what’s more, despite parking outside, the TARDIS is on display and they can’t touch that either! Finally revealed are the party themselves in display cases frozen. The group outside have no idea but The Doctor reveals that the TARDIS has “jumped a time track” meaning that they have arrived after they arrived. It’s a neat little idea because it resolves with them drifting back in time, the on-display characters and TARDIS disappear and now they have to avoid this fate. What a nice little premise and good first episode of the story!

Action time and the group’s presence is discovered. The museum’s curator and a group of rebels are in a race to find them first. The rebels are very young so maybe we forgive their silly plan to capture a member of the TARDIS crew so as to explain their situation. The plan works and they kidnap the Doctor, who plays dead. This distracts the rebels for long enough for him to tie up the one left with him and hide himself in a Dalek shell exhibit. Oh the 60’s audience… When will they see a Dalek again?!


The curator’s race, the Moroks, manage to successfully capture the Doctor as the rebel race explain their plans in various ways to the rest. All four of our group are pulling their weight in this one, which is nice to see. This is especially satisfying when Vicki reprograms a computer to allow them access to the artillery; her theatrical answer of “revolution”, upon being asked by the computer why she needed weapons is particularly pleasing. Moments like this let me give Vicki points that both distinguish her from Susan and contribute to a slightly more favourable view.

Ian manages to gain the upper hand with some Moroks, of course, and eventually reaches the Doctor to rescue him from being turned into an exhibit. The group are all captured again because in 60’s Doctor Who, the doomsday clock has to run to the last possible moment but the rebels have the upper hand and the Moroks flee. The group returns to the TARDIS with the Doctor taking a space time visualiser, which will allow our next story to start. The final shot, however, shows… well… I’ll get to that in next time…

Favourite Quotes:

  • Barbara: The Doctor’s curious, that means we stay. (such a good line)



Next time: “Our greatest enemies have left the planet Xeros. They are once again in time and space.”—“They cannot escape! Our time machine will soon follow them. They will be exterminated! Exterminated! Exterminated!”

Yes they’re back – you went to them, they came to you and now they have space and time travel!

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