Doctor Who — Planet of the Giants


Season 2 – Episode 1 – (1964)
Doctor: 1 – William Hartnell
Companions: Susan, Ian, Barbara

Oh dear… A word count… I can do it. Well let’s start with season 2 because it does need speaking about. Doctor Who was a success and it was down to some public capturing; the Daleks really helped in this regard and this means that season 2 had a budget that actually mattered. We’re going to see a few realisations that, for the 60’s, were really brilliant. We’re also going to see those that did not matter. Furthermore some of the writing would become genius and some would not. I can’t help but really bring up the fact that doctor who was very progressive for its age and this is something that has been squandered in retrospect. The show has attacked itself for being dated unfairly and I will point out those points with great relish.

Let’s get to this story… The concept is that the TARDIS doors open upon materialisation. That means that the crew are subject to the Time And Relative Dimensions part of TARDIS. The whole point is that sometimes things can be bigger or smaller than they seem. So when the doors open, the pressure forces the wrong dimension on our travellers. The TARDIS is pushed into the wrong proportions and the crew are reduced in size.

Everything is intriguing but the plot is utterly boring. I suspect the real budget went into the next serial rather than this one. The point of this one is that the crew go from point A to point B and back without doing anything particularly important.

This story is a crime story where the crew do nothing other than avoid a few dangers that they face on that scale. The plot’s tension comes from the fact that Barbara has received a dose of insecticide that will kill her at the present size but there is no reason for the cast to be doing any of the things they are doing. The plot is actually serviceable as a short story but this hinges on the idea of removing the regular cast.

The idea is that a businessman wants to successfully sell the insecticide while side stepping the government and regulatory bodies. He does this by killing those who stand in his way but eventually he is brought to justice through a set of circumstances that would probably happen anyway. Oh well.. it sort of worked. Not really though…

Favourite Quotes:

  • Doctor: What’s happening? (frantically flipping switches) Close the doors, please. We haven’t materialised properly. Quickly!
    Ian: What do you mean, close the doors?
    Doctor: Don’t argue, dear boy. It’s an emergency! Close the doors!



Next time:

It’s time to capitalise on the creatures that made you a hit and you’ve fought them on their turf, it’s only fair that they have a crack at yours. Iconic images of London bridge in the year 2165 and an invading force of our favourite pepper pots.

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