Crab In Honey — Fever the Ghost — W.A.C.#4


Crab In Honey

My thoughts

Ok – so it’s not an Album… it’s an EP; the debut EP for Fever the Ghost.

I’d never heard of them and researching the group was difficult! Early in their career and seemingly not that well known, the group originates from Los Angeles and mixes indie style rock with electronic sounds. I guess it’s my sort of thing so why not give a go?

We open with distorted sounds in Calico, these quickly give way to the main song. It’s fairly uptempo and one thing I can say immediately is the group knows how to work with moments of silence. I think this is why the song is so catchy for me, it features these nice little half seconds of nothing in the melody and accompaniments. Don’t just listen to the notes they’re playing, listen to the ones they aren’t.

So, a solid start and the next track Source just reminds me of Django Django, and that’s no bad thing! The experience of the track comes from the matching of everything. It would be very easy for me to say here that the vocals are a bit bare or mediocre but to do so would miss the point. The vocals take sort of staccato bursts that is designed to work with the band and the synths over the top. It’s that little pulsing sound that are emulating and it does work! It also shows how easy it is to rip an aspect of a song out and portray it out of context – so no – this works for me!

The next track has the essay length title of A Parliament Of Owls Determines the Fates Of Greater Men No less Than 5 Stories Above Us in a Dream. It starts with up-tempo kick drums and sweeping electronic sounds and then the repeating vocals:

You send the light again
well it’s getting better

It’s a good track and I do like it but that’s a mark of the overall sound, which just hits my ear right. The track itself is fun and worth a listen but it does have a simplicity about it. This is not a bad thing, of course, just I find it a little basic. Mind you what’s wrong with basic and fun?

Next we get to the best track for me, the titular Crab In Honey. It follows the uptempo feel that’s been continuous in this EP but that chorus is just gorgeous with it’s chord sequence and initially choral sound that dissolves into something you might hear from The Specials. Instantly this is on my regularly listening list. Honestly this track is an utter gem and for even this alone, I am so glad I got given this EP.

The EP closes with We’ll Never Know The Place. The track favours a more acoustic sound for the finale. It features those nice hanging dissonances that sucker me in. I like the sound in general and the easy pace of the track, even when it seems to gain some energy, the relaxing mood doesn’t leave.

So this is just a quick track overview from me but I really think it’s worth a listen, I’m putting Crab In Honey back on straight away. I really want to see more of what these guys make. I hope it builds and enriches from this sort of beginning.

Is this album for you?

It has that undeniable Indie lilt that will throw a few people off but for those looking to listen to something new… Sure! I can recommend these guys. It’s solid stuff.


  • Writing: 8/10
  • Performance: 7.5/10
  • Style: 8.5/10
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