Out of the Silent Planet — King’s X — W.A.C.#3


Out of the Silent Planet

My thoughts

Ah once again we meander along the line of hard rock and metal. Here I have to cheat, because I can’t express it more succinctly than the pre-review chat I had; I can quote: “A mixture of Metallica-esque riffs with Beatles melodies and harmonies.” This is what you’re getting and once again we have hit upon the lesser known band whose concept works incredibly well. That quote is embodied straight away just by listening to the tracks Goldilox or King.

Both of the tracks feature a sort of easy paced heavy rock, with driven guitars and quite distinct vocals but the interest is all in the knitting together of the musical ideas. I just want to present these as a quick example of some very solid musical writing that is really quite nice to listen to… I have to do this because I need to gush…

What Is This … Oh that bass… it’s so… it’s grungy! But look at its time period, grunge wasn’t a thing! Yet here we are listening to something that is exploring an idea separate to what was to come and it isn’t a case of King’s X being copied for the late 90’s. What you’re looking at here is and example of musical convergent evolution… Stop it… You’re putting people off and sounding like a snob.

OK – for my favourite track, just listen to Far, Far Away, because there is so much to say. The introduction is just really nice and again you get more of that Beatles harmony and Metallica riffs bleeding into each other. Then if we hadn’t 60’s enough, the sitars join in at the end of the first sung section and it’s just a nice little addition… It actually makes me think the song sounds quite timeless. I say all that even despite the fact that it sounds like Brian May has joined us for a guitar solo while the sitars play. I just love the construction here and I think it shows.

The album actually weights its strength near the end with Shot of Love and Visions really carrying the album to a great conclusion. It’s just such a mixing pot of ideas and really well executed. You need to give a mini bravo…

I’m really glad I listened to this album. It’s a real hidden gem and for my two cents, I detect more than a hint of Queen in the inspiration, not just from Far, Far Away, but Visions as well. At no point is this a copy paste situation though, nor am I convinced it’s an homage (it could be). It just feel it’s good writing and knowledge of sound.

Is this album for you?

It’s actually a really easy to listen to album. Sure, the guitars and riffs are heavier than some people’s tastes but there is so much to take! This album can be aimed at a multitude of people; it fits into the cerebral, for those looking for new works of rock; it works partially as a representation of the 80’s, it’s a little undeniable; and it breaks the mould with ideas that are really quite different from the time they were written in!


  • Writing: 9/10
  • Performance: 7.5/10
  • Style: 8.5/10
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