Innuendo — Queen — W.A.C.#3



Oh man this is hard… Queen’s 14th and final studio album. The last Queen album I did was in the 70’s.

Freddie Mercury is dying. He has months left, they knew it and this is his swan song. 100% this was a goodbye, just listen to the fucking thing! It’s death and a heartbreaking one at that…

Innuendo itself is a really different style of song; it’s Queen… it’s this album’s experimental song. Memories of bohemian rhapsody just bleed through; massive style shifts! We start with rock but the mid section would not be alien in Kill Bill, changing to choral singing and then back to rock… This is not a casual Queen fan’s song, I know that’s snobbish but for once I want to tell you to listen to a niche song. Musically it’s great, lyrically its wonderful.

Yes… We’ll keep on trying….

I present something simple because it’s the message of the song… I’m not wrong. Just listen for yourself.

So we move on:

The outside temperature rises,
And the meaning is oh so clear.
One thousand and one yellow daffodils
Begin to dance in front of you. Oh dear…

I’m going slightly mad. It’s a really awesome music video, look it up. The title is right that it suggests a plummet into madness, the lyrics, though, are razor focused. The chords are so recognisable. That backing is the breakthrough of modern MIDI, but we aren’t there yet.

Alright, I can be swept up in a mood, lets say practical… Headlong is fine but it isn’t great; its chorus promises more than it can deliver, honestly, especially for this song you will not be far wrong if you just picture Mustang Sally.

I’m not going to mention every song but the next track, I can’t live with you, suggests a point of mine… It’s classic Queen but in such a way as to just keep the memories alive – there is chorus and verse, Freddie vs. … nice chord sequences…

Right, look! Is it the repressed GCSE English student in me or is every song here about moving on, death or final comments. I’ll move through the choices to These are the Days of Our Lives, which may be the loveliest song by Queen ever written…

When we were kids, when were young, things seemed so perfect, you know.

The days were endless, we were crazy, we were young.
The sun was always shining we just lived for fun…
Sometimes it seems like lately, I just don’t know.
The rest of my life’s been… just a show…

Those were the days of our lives. The bad things in life were so few…
Those days are all gone now but one thing is true;
when I look, and I find: I still love you…

It’s a magnificent song and please just watch the video. It’s in black and white because Freddie was so ill that they had to hide it. It’s a simple, identifiable song that features a goodbye from the lead singer himself. That last moment is for everyone. The song will stick with me forever.

I’d like to end here from my selection of tracks, if it weren’t for the finale. The Show Must Go On… The most amazing keyboard chords… Freddie bade goodbye in a personal sense in the These are the Days, this is the goodbye of Freddie’s stage presence and it’s glorious. The band is about to die but they will not stop, the music lives forever, “the show must go on”. Lump in your throat moment! It’s a glorious anthem to everything and means the world to so many people. Keep on going… We can be amazing like Queen…

Is this album for you?

Please take a listen, from my point of view. Listen to a dying man’s last words… there are few finer. I should maybe have made this review longer but it’s the music that talks here. I didn’t mention so many tracks and they all deserve it… It may not be for you but please listen!


  • Writing: 9.5/10
  • Performance: 10/10
  • Style: 10/10
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