Riddle — Thomas Leeb — W.A.C.#1



My thoughts

I think this was the first album that I really wasn’t expecting to get. We have here an artist, I daresay very few have heard of, spending time making an acoustic guitar sing. This is one of the interesting facts of this challenge; sometimes I will get a challenge to review an album that is already loved, and sometimes I will have the challenge of something completely obscure.

Leeb is clearly in love with the pure sound of the untreated guitar. He is a 39 year old Austrian who made the conscious choice of being a musician at the age of 15. Yes, I know we can all use Wikipedia, one needs a little background for these things. The point I am making is that this is a man who is completely dedicated to his instrument and it shows. Unlike previous reviews, I am not going to really do much analysis of individual tracks, indeed I sat here in blind panic wondering how on earth to convey anything, but then I listened.

It’s been a while since I have heard someone so versatile on an instrument just being given time to show it off. The hopeful, almost energetic sounding The Winds Are Changing was a particular highlight for me. This is also true for Almbleamal Landler, which invokes images of sitting out in the sun in a French village drinking wine and watching the world go by; although, why there is that little surprise at the end, I don’t know, I suspect just a bit of childish cheekiness (which I endorse).

In a way it seems almost remiss to suggest certain tracks over others. I feel the album is a body of work that just allows someone a good exploration. It’s not long; just 35 minutes of acoustic guitar music and if the guitar is something that fascinated you, it is a good listen.

Unexpectedly Leeb closes with a vocal track that overlays his playing. A more cynical me might say this is to try and grab some more conventional attention but I am going to slap my own wrists for this. This is a man that just loves the guitar and just wants to share it with people and I think that’s marvellous.

Is this album for you?

This album is for anyone who really loves the sound and capability of a guitar. It’s for anyone who wishes for half an hour of just easy going guitar musics. If you like the sound of a guitar, this is for you.

And for those that might want to check him out anyway, he has an acoustic cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine, check it out and make of it what you will.


  • Writing: 8/10
  • Performance: 8/10
  • Style: 8.5/10
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