The Weekly Album Challenge

Four years ago I had the idea for this website, both to explore and educate myself and those who are interested on music. This wouldn’t just be from a theory sense but a combination of histories, emergence of genres, seminal figures and albums.

The project was never stopped per se but due to various life situations and perhaps a great spoonful of doubt, it seemed more appropriate to let the dust settle and wonder whether to carry on with the project. Indeed I really would like to do so but in the interest of not promising anything, I would like to keep this site for my own rather mundane music musings; at least for now.

So, my idea:

  1. Each week I will ask a number of friends and family for an album that they think is seminal, profound or generally a good listen. It doesn’t matter if, I have heard it myself at all, it has to be from them.
  2. No dithering, there cannot be a choice of several albums to me, it has to be a single chosen album.
  3. Over the course of the week I will listen to the albums and try and compile a list of thoughts, whether these are published or not remain to be seen.
  4. Optionally explore the bands/artists in more detail, despite the fact I may already be quite familiar.

So we’ve all seen an introductory post before. Let’s see how we progress.

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